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Probably the worst service I have gotten was from WGP right before Budd sold the company. I had a brand new SuperStock marker that wouldn't shoot out of the box. Almost looked like the marker was refurbished. So I called WGP up and got my RA number and sent the marker in. A week later I called WGP to check on the status of my marker and was told that my marker had just arrived that day. The very next day to my surprise i receive a package in the mail. I open it up and it's my SuperStock....untouched. It was almost as if they took it out of my packaging, put it in theirs and shipped it right back out. Horrible customer service.

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Paintball online. I can never get through to them, and when I finally do, they are rude. I hate buying from them.
I agree with you on that company. Bought something off of their site around 6pm. (I'm in the same time zone as them) realized i messed up on the order and called them literally 5 minutes after i placed the order. They told me sorry but your package has already shipped so it can't be cancelled or changed. It was supposed to ship USPS.....anyone who uses common sense knows they were lying.

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