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Originally Posted by Cowboy View Post
I have a first run havok and didn't even know about the updated parts lol
I also have a first run Havoc. It has not given me any trouble until last November. It blew the o-ring and will repeatedly blow them.

I emailed or called and they told me I needed the updated valve part. I asked how to get them and was told the part was on the site.....yet the part is not on the site. So since then the Havoc is useless.

Originally Posted by Jackson View Post
Me neither.

As to fixing your Havoc, I had the same issue. I ended up getting a female Stabilizer and using that to control the pressure. I just cranked the built in reg screw all the way in to bottom out the spring. That way the reg piston shouldn't move at all and won't shred o-rings on the stupid over-pressure relief hole.
That is a good work around, but not the type of thing someone should have to do when there are supposed to be parts to actually fix the problem.
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