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Originally Posted by scphantom9195 View Post
I actually saw Scott and a female Metadyne employee (I don't recall her name) at Super Game 43 last May. He gave me his email address in order to get me the parts I am needing. I emailed him and it took several weeks to get a reply from him. And now it has been a few more weeks since he said Brian was putting the parts I need together after the move.

Sure things happen, but communicating with your customers is a very important part of any business. It's pretty bad when, as a business, you can't make the time to take care of your current customers, much less getting any new ones.
I believe that was Scott and his wife, not a female employee. She probably does not work for Metadyne, just wanted to spend the weekend with her husband.

I shot an email off to Brian, just to check on my Thumper, since he has had it nearly seven months now, and his response was that the new pistons were in testing and performing well so far. Still a few days to go. So I am hoping that by next weekend I may have my Thumper back, but I am also honest that it may not be for another couple of months.
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