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Guys! Quick! Look at your Reb and let me know what color springs you have (Main/Valve). Mine is "popping" and I can't remember how I had the springs set up before I messed with it...

I got a new spring kit from Bacci. I put in a yellow main and red valve spring with a flippin' huge power tube (no number on it, but its fat) ID=0.190, so it's like a #6 with three ports. I went that route because it is what Carter used in his video about Nelson efficiency - of course he had a light-weight, fluted hammer, not the 49 gram brass block I have in my Reb.

We'll see what the velocity is, but... It cocks without air - The gun did that when it was brand new, and as I recall, that lead to velocities in the 250-260 fps range - of course that was with a different power tube (that one broke). My only other PT option is a #4. My suspicion is that it will actually shoot a little hot... But I won't know until I get to a field (hopefully Arkenstone in two weeks)
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