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Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
I tried one of these when they were new - like I ordered one of the first ones. I expect there are still pieces somewhere in the woods at the field from when it suffered an "accident" after frustrating me and pieces of the spring sent pieces flying off into the air.

That being said someone mentioned something about an auto-cocker looking like a "steam punk" device. I thought about playing around with this perception and making a "steam punk" themed marker - either a pneumag or an autococker or something. A q-loader seems to be the loader for it (unless there are any air operated loaders around).

Have they gotten better or am I just going to drive myself nuts again?

It looks like the turbo-loader might be an alternative. Anyone experience these?
I still use a qloader, which I bought back in 2007 or so, and it works fairly well once set-up, I guess my one complaint is that it seems to be easy to break the fittings, like the elbow or the hose adapter going into the socket. And replacement parts arent cheap. The only reason i still use it is that I have a warp body automag. you could always go with a spring loaded stick, but you are limited on paint. havent had experience with the turbo-loaders.
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