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Pretty awesome game play I get about 4 kills and one on someone who tries to surrender me. Before butthurt starts, surrender is a question not a statement at our field. And he had no shot on me when he was trying to surrender me until the end when I put two balls into him and was firing a third.

Just some back and forth with my phantom. Some people recognize me off youtube and root for me.

I start playing speedball and crawl through the snake and make it to the other team's like 20. I get so far ahead that I have 2 of their guys BEHIND ME! Some rental tries to bunker me in snake and I get him with a random shot from my phantom.

Some casual speedball play at the 50 standup

3v3 matches with 2 refs on my team after getting off their shift. I work the snake and bunker a guy.

Final 2 games with a Dye Reflex Pump, they are supposed to be 2v2 but my teamate gets eliminated early both games and it ends up being 2v1. I win one lose the other by being bunkered by both guys, and taking one with me.
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