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Brass and Wood Fan
FS Cerakoted T8.1

For sale I have my recently acquired T8.1

The following parts have been cerakoted by Georgia Gunsmithing (Voodoo_Coatings):

Burnt Bronze
-2 FS mags
-Hammerhead M-50
-UMS rail


Also included with this marker:
Killjoy Combo
-Mag Release
CQB Kydex holster
2x Tiberius single mag belt pouch
Fixxxer Mini rail
Lapco 8" .686 STR8Shot Barrel
Milsig 10" .689 Rilfled Barrel
Tiberius parts kit

My price is 425 plus shipping.
Green names get 15 dollars off...Hey blue names, a membership only costs 10 bucks...go get one!

The Good:
This gun is awesome. It has everything you could ever want in terms of accessories. Barrels, rails, it's got it all. Also, with the CQB holster you can attach the rail and there is still enough clearance for them both to work.

The Bad:
Only two mags...sorry
Also, if you are going to use the CQB holster you can't have any kind of accessories attached to the front of the pistol.

The Ugly:
There are some scuffs on the cerakote finish due to the CQB holster

Pictures will be posted ASAP, but for now here is a picture from the last owner:

Picture of a sight mounted on Fixxxer's mini rail:


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