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I got this email today:

Dear Customer,

Due to some reoccurring issues with my current accounting / customer management / phone service bundle software I have moved your customer accounts to a new provider. I will be sending you a email containing instructions on how to login to your new account. From your account you can view and edit all of your personal information, view your orders, create support tickets, and pay any balances on invoices. Please take the time to review ALL of your account information and invoices to make sure everything is correct. If you see any errors on your account you can change it yourself online. If you spot any errors on an invoice you can open a support ticket and let me know about the issue so i can correct it.

As for the phone service, the contact number will still be the same so no need for you to learn a new number. I will officially be swapped over to the new (more reliable) service provider this weekend. The new phone service will change the voice mail system and will also allow me to forward calls to my cell when I am not in the shop so I can provide better service and follow ups. I will also be contacting you regarding your order to make sure you know where your orders stands and answer any questions to have. I have quite a few customer to contact so please give me until Monday the 1st to reach out to you. If you do not hear from me by then please contact me.

This should be a very smooth transfer and all that will be required from you is 5 minutes to enter a new password and verify your information. I appreciate your time and help. Thank you kindly for your business, take care.

- Tyler

While I do appreciate the response by Tyler, I am really looking forward to getting this resolved in a more timely matter.
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