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that was most likely a snap back ram that was cut to get rid of the "snap back." In the eairlier or maybe later designs of the rams there was a small o-ring in the ram cap and a nub on the back of the ram shaft. The two would lock together when the ram went back. It was kind of a anti-first shot drop mechanism. It required enough force to be applied before the ram would let the shaft go forward. I believe older bushmasters and angels also used this but ICD replaced their snap back with a spring. If you read Ravi's article on the bushy he describes it as well.
Ravi's Paintball Place - Indian Creek's Bushmaster 2000 Electropneumatic
The entire ram/hammer assembly is a single piece that can be easily unscrewed from the back of the ’gun without tools once the ’gun is degassed. Thus it’s very easy to strip and clean if you’re one of those players who tends to get a lot of dirt deep into his paintgun. A quick note; the ram was changed slightly in the middle of this review. In the early runs of Bushmaster 2000s, the ram was almost exactly the same as that found in the Angel: entirely pneumatically driven and with a snap-ring to hold it back until sufficient pressure had built to ensure that the hammer would be driven forward fast and hard. In the revised version, the ram is actually spring-loaded forward. Indian Creek told me that the ’gun was more consistent, ran smoother, and gave better efficiency this way. I played with it both ways and didn’t find any noticeable difference.
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