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PC Build Troubleshoot

So I received all my parts for my new PC last night, got prepped, did the build and some mild cable management and went to power up to check the BIOS before installing the OS. All systems seem ok, fans spin, optical drive responds, HD is spinning yet there's no output to the monitor. I had originally connected the monitor cable to the video card but realized it probably wouldn't work yet so I switched the connection to the onboard video and still nothing.

So I checked a few web sites but couldn't find anything with the same issue. I've done the following so far with no success:

1. Tried multiple monitors and monitor cables
2. Removed the video card and powered back up
3. Removed the RAM and powered back up

And that's where I'm stuck. I'd like to think the mobo isn't DOA but I'm not sure what else to try. Has anyone run into this issue with a build before?
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