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Russian Legion Intimidator, Custom Anno

Blue Splash Russian Legion Intimidator ***No Longer For Sale***

Bomb eye covers
Original eye covers in matching blue
Carbon Fiber trigger (techna)
Boomstick barrel
CP reg
Also matching AKA reg
Empire grips
Russian Legion grips in bag
2 other front regs, I honestly dont remember the companies.
Rebuild Kit
Tadao board.
Original board in bag.
2 other trigger guards in bag
Other misc spare parts

Only can find 1 russian legion decal, in parts bag.

The only blemish on the gun, is that the bomb eye covers and clamping feed neck came out a shade lighter. No scratches or nicks.

Asking 400

Gassed up and fired today.

This Gun has not been used in 6+ years. Every year I relubed and retested the gun. It is part of a collection I am now selling. Where available, I am including spare parts that I have.

I will also throw in spare regs/asa's/loaders/other misc gear. At least 1 free item per gun.

I will pay for shipping in the US, USPS Priority. All sales paid through paypal. I will ship on confirmation of payment.

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