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Planet Eclipse E-Blade Autococker

I am selling my PE E-Blade Autococker. I'm the only owner it's ever had. I am NOT interested in any trades at all, only sales as I just bought a Pooty Luxe. Info below...

It is a version 1.06 E-Blade with under 16,000 shots fired (under 8 cases)!
I'm not positive of the year but it's either a '05 or an '06.
Serial number 155275 if that helps.
I'll include the E-Blade instruction booklet.
The body is a 9.5/10 with absolutely no dings, scrapes or chips in the anno. The only wear is in the breach (pictured below).

1) Samurai Trigger (comes with stock trigger)
2) Nexus Ram (comes with stock ram and instructions)
3) Eclipse DART QEVs (w/ instructions)
4) Twist-lock feed neck (comes with stock feed neck)
5) Shocktech Detent.
6) The bolt is upgraded but I honestly don't remember the name of it. (I lost the stock bolt).
7) Also comes with the stock barrel (a 14' XCel).
8) Also comes with the silver CP on/off that is pictured.
9) DOES NOT come with the Freak barrel that is shown in one of the pictures and in the video. I AM selling it, though. So if you're interested in having that, too, let me know and we can figure out a package price. If not, I'll sell it separately.

Gun Issues:
1) Experiences first shot drop off. I have had it tuned, in the past, where this is not an issue so I'm figuring you can return it to that state if you know what you're doing. But, as is, you will have FSDO.
2) It is pretty inconsistent. Velocity adjusment works, LPR works, and reg works, but they aren't giving me chrono consistency. Again, I imagine that this is something you can clear up if you know what you're doing with a cocker.

Price: $550 obo.
Feel free to PM me any questions.

Firing Video (ignore my quoted shot count in here).
Eclipse EBlade - YouTube

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