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You may play any game any way you want.

When I say I want to play a game that has less paint in the air (and there are others like me) and there is an attempt to create this game through the use of pumps it is valid.

When I say that perhaps the best way to do it was not by limiting technology because too many people run to the edge of the rules its a valid concern.

The intent, at least for me, when playing pump class was to prevent the BPS race that was and is open class play. I do not like that type of paintball. When pump recreates this BPS race through the use of technology it avoids the entire purpose of playing pump. Now if you play pump for a different reason it may not for you. It does for me and I am sure I am not the only one.

Frankly I would rather play against open class markers than against pumps that are shooting so fast they have Rotors (or whatever) on them. At least then I'm not told "yeh, I'm playing pump". I think that western states that had to change muzzleloader season rules to be "primitive weapon" seasons would be a great example. Sometimes technology overtakes what the "rule" was supposed to cover in the first place and then the rules need to be rediscussed.
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