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Originally Posted by Horizon View Post
You're not the only one, not by a long shot. But to be fair, if you want to play in that type of game, the rules need to be set out beforehand, so that in the end, that type of game is played. We can't blame players for playing what they want to play. Therefore it's up to the game organizers to make sure the game ends up being what it's intended to be. Just having a "pump" game will not produce the game that you and I (and many others) prefer. It will however be a little better than regular open play.
perfect point. if a game is advertised as just a "pump game" then all sorts of pumps will show up. SC, OC, MSC, stock class phantoms, open class t2's, PA snipers, mq'ed snipers, or whatever. you cant get mad because it was just advertised as a "pump game". yet, many show up and expect the gameplay to be totally different.

but as others said organizing a pump game towards one type of class would limit participation.

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