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I play pump these days. Even on walk on fields. Mostly because i just can't seem to get a pump group together. But I rock my 50 round hopper on either my sniper or sterling. I use less then 500 a day with the pump. Most of the time its well under that.

More recently I have been playing with my T8.1. Last time I played, last Sunday, I played most of the day with it, and I hadn't used a 100 round pod of paint. I switched at the end of the day to the sterling to let my friend try out my t8.1, and I didn't use 100 rounds with it the rest of the day. So I only used just under 200 rounds.

These days I am all about challenging my self, and using the least amount of paint possible.

So it is definitely the player, and not the marker. Because I could be out there throwing the paint with the AT on the sterling, but even when I use that a barely break into a 500 bag.
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