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Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
This is why I think these conversations are important. I know why I play pump. Not to be disparaging I honestly do not know why those who have high ROF setups for pump are playing pump. I would like to know
I'm with Lohman in this boat, I genuinely don't understand it and would like to hear from you guys who play high ROF pump. What makes that style of play any different from semi? I could just be doing it wrong, but I find that I'm limited to about the same playstyle with off the break laning and angle coverage as well as the limitations in aggressive movement up the field. The only difference seems to be repositioning of the trigger to a forward position under the barrel. Am I just going about it the wrong way? This is what all the open class pump games I've taken part in seem to amount to, for me there doesn't seem to be that same fundamental difference of play that makes stock class a completely different beast.
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