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I think most people play pump to handicap themselves a bit. I know I do. If I were in a real war fighting to the death, obviously I wouldn't handicap myself. I would be decking myself out with the most ruthless killing machine available. But paintball is a game. There is no dieing involved and therefore I like to challenge myself somewhat. The challenge makes it more fun for myself. But not everyone wants to handicap themselves to the same degree. On most paintball fields these days, if you are playing in open games, limiting yourself to any sort of pump verses electronic markers is going to give you a fairly major handicap.

It's really only in pump only games where I get a little annoyed and confused with players still playing the arms race. It's probably because I think all pump players are playing with pumps to voluntarily handicap themselves, so why are they trying to have the fastest marker on the field? But it's probably just me thinking everyone else is thinking the same way, when in fact they aren't.

For me, a true competition of sportmanship and skill would have everyone using the same technology. So once again, if that is the objective, then the organizer of the game would need to specify the level of technology (limit the technology) so that would occur.

This discussion has prompted me to think about scheduling a modified stock class only game at our field some time in the near future. I'm sure the turnout will be lower than a regular pump only game, but since it's my field, I can indulge myself to a game that will meet my criteria. We'll have to wait and see how popular the event is.
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