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ccm feedneck options

I don't post much on this forum. But I already know you guys have a lot of information and goodies. One of them being the CCM section and staff as forum members.

My thread today is about feednecks. I am looking at feedneck options. I see some pictures of guys having 2 feednecks (one on marker, one to the side) matching their pump. Why would you have 2, difference in the 2 is beyond me. So I ask what are the options.

I read Spoons thread about endless ccm options. He mentioned 4 but I heard there could be a 5th option (not including cram and jam) where can I see pictures and get a description of these feednecks?

If I had a T2 (waiting for new job to place order) I would want a App 50 hopper, a sportshot (snapshot?) hopper, and revy. Maybe even a mod hopper of the 3.
So now that you know my hopper type maybe that'll narrow down feed neck options.

Thanks guys for patience and help.

Also I am looking for hopper mods, revy and 50 rd hopper. So if you want to write a how to you can leave it here or link it
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