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I really like the standard feedneck myself, if feeds great, looks great and clamps on everything great.

Many people like the low pro or the no pro feednecks because they are low profile. I like a taller feedneck because with a gravity hopper they feed much better, i also never cut down my feednecks on the hoppers themselves, low profile is not worth the loss in feeding with a gravity setup, keep em tall. Look at early 90's and mid 90's mech setups, most any serious player had a tall feedneck for more ball stacking.

They also had a Winchester hopper feedneck, which IMO is the best pocket hopper ever made, i wish you could still readily find them. Many people would order a couple feednecks in anno to match their marker when they ordered it so the colors would be a true match, if they are from a separate batch of anodizing they may not match up.
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