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Project Time

So let's start the story here.

all of my friends are rebuilding or putting money into their cars.
One friend is currently doing 3 BMWs anywhere between 1980-1994.

Other friend is doing his MX-6 up. Not like the ricers who stick a Canadian exhaust on it with a cold air intake and think it's awesome. We are talking love of the car.

So I always wanted a Motorcycle, not a real fan of cars beside Stingrays and old classics.

So I decided on getting a bike and I did, now with this comes with project.

I put over 5km on my bike in the summer, and if you know Canada that's a fair amount. and I love biking and decided to go a head and do a project bike before I get a new bike.

Sadly, I have to start rebuilding soon due to...

So this is my bike.
98 ZX-6R
Guess what, 102XXX. And she runs so damn amazing. No clutch issues, nothing at all. She runs like she has 30KM on her.

Now with that being said, also never seen rain unless gets caught in it :[.
which she did in these pictures. Kinda dirty from the pickup from rain but enjoy.

So it's getting colder up here in Nova Scotia. And it sucks to ride in. But unluckily this happened.

she broke right off. Good bye break

Yeah I lowsided, bummer it happened! But these gives me a excuse to get her ready for the project. Throwing these fairings in the garbage as soon as they are off, and can't for that.

current progress.

I`ll keep updating as she gets build and everything starts getting rebuilt/polished and if I get new parts! I'll make a actually post later and keep you guys with updates.

Wait till you guys see the paint and design!

(also, any haters say I shouldn't do this to an old bike or blah blah blah, please ignore my post, thank you)

Enjoy :]

Engine rebuild kit
Clutch rebuild kit
Window screen

Few other goodies are at the boarder now... taking forever to get here.

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