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Originally Posted by DeathDealer View Post
Hey guys. I was using my DSG this weekend and I noticed a leak. When I air the gun up first it's fine. After a shot or two you can hear a slight leak coming out the barrel when its not cocked. If I push the hammer screw back (a tiny amout) it stops. Then once it dumped all the air out but I don't remember if it was after I shot it or if it was cocked. I am not familiar with pumps or the ccm ss25 valve. Any ideas? Thanks
When you "pulled" the front plug did you pull the valve as well? Maybe you have a nick in the forward oring. Also look at the oring on the valve stem. dirt is also a possibility on the valve face, or even a ding if you pulled the valve body.

If the hammer is resting on the valve stem and its leaking ( uncocked) you might just have too much main spring tension and its opening the valve a bit. I don't recall any that leaked when uncocked so I would look for dirt or a damaged oring.
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