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Originally Posted by Jiggles View Post
Would a 5" Flasc barrel be too short to bore? Or would it work fine?
too short, inserts are 5.063 long, barrel would need to be 5.100+

Originally Posted by teampredator00 View Post
Ryan need my o9 grey ghost barrel freaked baby, pm coming at you sexy man

Originally Posted by Jurd View Post
Any success with the J&J "ceramic"?

Im interested.
never done one, but its just a ceramic coating, if i can cut through it, it should be fine

Originally Posted by dragon1291 View Post
How long is your turnaround time? Looking about sending in my phantom barrel.
"2 weeks" but i have 2 barrels here right now... soo much much much quicker than that

im up to 18 pm's, im gonna try and knock a bunch out on break at 2
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