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Possible to put T8.1 Remote Line Kit on a T9.1?

Hey guys, how's it going?

So like my title says I want to know if the T8.1 remote line kit would/will work if you put it on a T9.1. Reason being is that I've got a T9.1 already that I'd like to be able to switch over to remote line pistol play when I want. I know that I could just use the ASA it already comes with for either the remote line ASA adaptor just screwed right into the back of it or the 1/8 NPT hole on the bottom for a remote line nipple (I already have a 45 degree fitting with male connector in there right now), but either way the ASA just looks "clunky" on there and "blocky" and I'd like to be able to trim it down with the T8.1 remote kit. So will it work? Considering they have the same backs with the screw holes and the bottom right hole that feeds the air I don't see why not, but I just wanted to check and confirm before I buy. If you guys could help me out that'd be great. Thanks!
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