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Part 3: The Backplate

While the ASA was the most complex part of the mod, we're not done yet.

As I said earlier, one of the parts I'm short on are backplates- I had two for a total of five body sets. Moreover, the one that goes to this silver Dark, was drilled for the old eye mod- so in addition to the no-longer-needed charging port and LED, there'll be three superfluous holes in the plate.

So I just needed to make a new one.

I started with a piece cut from a sheet of 16 ga. (0.063") aluminum sheet, degreased, and covered with black marker. (It's easier to use on small parts than Dykem.) Since I already had a loose plate, all I had to do was scribe:

Unfortunately, despite taking dozens of photos of the rest of the build, I apparently got "into the zone" when working this part, and didn't get any photos between the scribing and a test-fit.

After scribing, I cut almost right up to the line using an old Adel sheet metal "nibbler"- it's a tool that cuts kind of like a paper punch, tanking a small bit of metal off at a time. The benefit is it doesn't "curl" the part like snips do, and you can do tight, detailed curves as necessary.

Once I had it trimmed right up to the line, I used a machine called a Die Filer to very carefully shape it to fit. A die filer is sort of like a jigsaw, but with a file instead of a sawblade, and it acts like a very precise- albeit somewhat slow- belt sander.

It let me file, fit, file, fit (etc.) until it was just right:

Once I was satisfied, I located, drilled and countersunk the two mounting holes:

And since all the controls, buttons and LED indicators will be down in the grip frame, there's no need for any other holes in the backplate- though it would rock to use a later Ego frame, and mount the OLED screen in the middle of it. Maybe next time.

And fitted. It will, of course, be polished and annoed once the build is done and tested.

Which reminds me- any suggestions on what color this badboy should be?

To be continued...
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