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I was/am working for a PzIV, but am disappointed that it will not be all that it was. Love the ups to my SU-5 though. Finally hits harder in those tier 7 and 8 battles. Have several Tiger and IS kills under my belt. I can now move on to the SU-8, but I don't know if I want to.

Does retraining crew lose their perks?
In my opinion, move up to the SU-8 or go back to the SU-26 I couldn't stand the SU-5. I have an SU-8 with 100% crew and 90% on their first perk. It's tough in tier 7-9, but man I love popping middle tier tanks. Lots of single shot kills on TD's and some mediums. Plus I believe the SU-8 is faster than the SU-5, but it's also a bigger target.
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I say to you with love in my heart... your a whore.
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i like the zipper... pullover's hurt when i take them off. I gel my hair everyday so when I pull it off it snags on my hair and hurts.
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