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Yea, somewhere a million pages back or something, a couple people tried polishing their internal reg piston with positive results (or at least, most who tried and gave feedback seemed to have some success, although I do remember that not everyone who tried this did - I think most people seemed to benefit most fromt a good polish, new o-rings and shimming the spring). I wouldn't be surprised if the sticking issue or whatever had more to do with crappy/mismatched o-rings? Mixed bag, I'd think.

I wonder is a better spring might work, too? No idea though, as I've never really used the internal reg. Oh, and technically speaking, if that is indeed how the reg works, it really is an ingenious design! Technically, it would work with any input pressure, whether 800psi or 500psi, assuming the input is at least the equivalent of the necessary operating pressure. I mean, in a very real way, it's very much like those "balanced" regs out there (2L, the late Evolve reg, god rest its soul, etc. etc.). I mean, I don't know that much about regs, but I did have a regulator phase once. Didn't come up with anything new, but had a lot of fun incorporating multiple reg designs into a single reg. Anyways, that's for another thread I guess...

Also forgot to mention, with my internal reg, not only did I use an insert to hold it in place, I also removed the middle o-ring.

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