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Ho, crap.
Not bad crap, just more work for me and tasty treats for the rest of ya'll.

One of my hunting buddies does bowhunting (season for that is open here)and took a buck yesterday on my property.
I let him hunt on my property - he gives me some of the take.
He just dropped off a whole hindquarter. Almost 20 lbs on the bone.

I was figuring chili, or would people prefer stew?
I do a mean Venison chili, but sometimes people don't like the tomato, beans & spices with cornbread. I can just as easily throw potatoes, carrots & stuff to make a stew.
Maybe I'll just leave it on the bone and roast it on a spit over the campfire.
Let people slice off what they want, buccaneer style.

Anyone have a preference? I gotta do something with this quick, while the blood is still oozing.
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