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Open Rec play Oct 14 at The Swamp

The Swamp will be open on Sunday, Oct 14th for rec games. You should join us for a fun filled day of paintball. open 10am to 3pm.

S & F Paintball welcomes you to "The Swamp"
38488 Shady Oak Ln. Lebanon Oregon. 97355

The Swamp is a commercial paintball field located in rural Lebanon, Oregon. The "Swamp" is only open for scheduled events and/or can be reserved for private events (paintball/airsoft, birthday parties, bachelor parties, etc.) All Swamp games that are posted in the "Events & Games" section of this forum are open to the public (as long as you can abide by the field rules & regs).

These games are based upon a system of rules that depends upon you, the player, to consistently hold yourself to a high level of integrity and respect. Not only for other players, but for yourself. By violating the rules put in place you are violating the spirit of the game we have established for you, the player and the game no longer holds its fun for others playing it. That is why we at The Swamp hope that all of the players who choose to play at our games compose themselves with the highest level of honor and integrity they are capable of, in the end it will foster an environment of mutual respect and fun for all. Most games at The Swamp are:

BYOP- NO Monsterball! S&F Paintball usually have some paint for sale, but quantities are limited and are first come, first served.

$15 all day air/CO2 S&F has a 4,500 PSI HPA fill station and CO2

Rental packages available Includes marker, CO2 (HPA upgrade available), mask (and a pod pack as supplies last)

There are no snacks/drinks for sale here, so plan ahead. There IS a porta-potty though!

Hellfish TV, OKC's Frog and WCPS made some great videos of the field:
HellfishTV - S&F Paintball Field: The Swamp - YouTube
The Swamp | 01/30/11 - YouTube
HellfishTV - Quad-Tactical Paintball Tournament : The Swamp - YouTube
WCPS 7-Man Woodsball - YouTube
The Swamp on Vimeo

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