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Still in the running. School started a few weeks ago, and I've been busy getting punched in the brain by lousy engineering teachers with thick middle eastern accents. Anyway, I've finished the exterior, and its really, REALLY pretty, but I'll just save those pics for later.

For now, more boring internals! YAY!

Before I started tweaking the gun, it had a problem with the bolt not catching the sear. I figured then that it was just the sear being worn, or the bolt. So I swapped the sear with the set that came out of the beat up Pro-Carbine, and I have the same problem. Ordered a new main spring, and that did nothing. On a whim, I replaced the hammer with my Factory F/A's hammer. Its slightly heavier, and worked well;

.27 pounds, Factory F/A Hammer

.22 pounds, Pro-Lite hammer

This brings me to a question; Is my Pro-Lite hammer supposed to look like someone plunged a 1" endmill into the side and then de-burred it with a bench grinder?

This is a picture of one I pulled from Tippmann Parts, it doesn't seem to have any milling done to the flat;

Can anyone confirm that my hammer has been ghetto lightened by a monkey with a mill and grinder?
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