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Originally Posted by Sfy03 View Post
Deuce - Where are you coming across deals like this at???

I sold 90% of my collection last month to help with moving costs from FL to NC...WORST decision I've ever made...but I needed the money, and figured I could start collecting again later. I just wish that "later" was NOW!!!! But with deals like you've seen, it would be almost ridiculous to not buy them and just flip them.
Yep, Josh called it. It was a gun and tool auction at the local auction house. I picked up a really clean SKS w/4 mags for a fair price. Ammo just got here today, I can't wait to get it out to shoot.

Originally Posted by Lead-Foot View Post
Well this blows... A little late on receiving it too.
Well, it's not like you didn't earn it. I probably would've reported you for calling me that too. Since I'm not close enough to slap you in the nuts for it.

Besides, it's just a warning. Don't call people derogatory names anymore and you're solid. lol
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