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Originally Posted by Murf425 View Post
One last thing I'm curious about:

Is there a safety? A converted Ion doesn't have one, and if this is going to be marketed to newer players...
(Especially since there's no on/off, so "turn off the air between games" isn't a valid approach.)
I think this is a moot point. A lot of guns don't have a safety, nor should they be relied upon. They should be using a barrel blocking device, no exceptions.

Originally Posted by Autocockerfan View Post
Here is my little snip. If in fact it is only the standard ion, or so, with the mech setup; I have lost even more resect for SP. Copycat jerks. Just like KEE and Tippman using the AGD Automag design. Again, copycat jerks. Get your own design.
It's not like AGD is doing anything (read: ****-all) with the design anyways. I hate SP as much as anyone, but they may actually be releasing a product which is sorely overdue.
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