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Originally Posted by The Inflicted View Post
So far as chop protection goes, is the vibe/SP-1 bolt soft enough to prevent breaks by itself?
It's fairly soft by design. I will put my finger in MY vibe breech. However, the softness is due to the low chamber pressure and slow speed (force) of the bolt. Once you start trying to jack up the rof, you need higher pressure to cycle the bolt, and the soft cycle goes out the window. The whole marker matches up with low pressure CO2, low rate of fire (11 bps), and low bolt force. After poking around on it for a while, I put an extra o-ring on the bolt tail and left the rest alone.

The trigger operation on this one is a big question for me as well. I can chuff a pneumag. If there's nothing between the trigger valve and the bolt operation, I doubt I'll be able tolerate it. A little mechanical break-over mechanism would work though.
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