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Camo helps, but isn't the end all, be all. I used to not wear it at all, playing the woodsball and big/scenario games. I remember playing at my old teams field, around 15ish or so years ago, and standing out in the open, bushes or trees at least 20 feet from me, and shooting people left and right. Literally. One of my team mates was reffing that day, and he was so pissed off that I was standing there, shooting four out of the 10 or so people in a group, while wearing a black, white, silver, and mostly neon green Axo motorcross jersy, matching gloves, a black Spectra mask that had been cut down a bit (Like the old school pros used to do before NPPL made them not modify their masks), and a jester hat that had green (Not neon) and purple to it.

If I play with walk-ons that don't play that much, not a problem wearing that kind of an outfit. But, when I play with people that have a clue, in a tournament, or lately at big games, camo helps.
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