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My triple pile of poo - P-Style Trilogy

Apologies to any trilogy fans out there. I wasn't even thinking about the pile of poo contest when I bid on a "broken, for parts" trilogy pro. I was actually looking at P68s on ebay. It was simply off with the timing, but really needed an adjustable 3-way rod. I thought I would anodize it and tune it up as my first real cocker. I took it apart, here and there. I stripped the ano off the frame and the back block.

As purchased...


These hinge frames are huge! I thought about using a superbolt frame, but never really been a fan of those either. I don't like cocker triggers.

So, shuffle, shuffle. Maybe I can have my P68 anyway. I have my Paintball_guy_3 pump handle, a CCI changer, and my tester barrel...

I need to whack this off...

Order a bacci spyder ASA ($7 iirc)...

File the mess down as best I can. I bought a pair of 1/2-20 taps to thread the body. I should have used my milling attachment. It's a hair wompy. Well, several hairs wompy. *** actually fixed that. Nice and straight now ***

Make a crappy adapter. I figured out later that the aluminum I used is some unknown stock I inherited from the previous lathe owner. It is not my friend.

Add a feature. The hole in the spyder ASA is just right for tapping for a 10-24 set screw. I drilled a tiny hole in it to be a secondary restrictor ahead of the regulator (which acts as its own check valve )

Cut the valve spring down to about 2/5 ths the original length, bought a nice composite frame from maggot for $33, drilled out the valve top by another 32nd, threw on the old superbolt grips, and stuffed it all together.

I made a 3 inch or so (in 4 tries ) pump rod extension. I made a delrin bushing to go in the ram mount. I broke the collar off trying to thin it up, but no great loss. Still works nice. My old revolver kit with the .675 insert I made for it seems to work well and my ebay-armson sight is actually useful since I'm used to a back bottle. Pulled out a Check-it detent from a bulk buy years ago with VF-XX.

I call it the PFFT. P-style Forward Folded Trilogy. *** I think I'll go with P-Style Trilogy. PST sounds better than PFFT[r] ***

The springs turned out responsive. I was able to take a turn off the valve spring and back out the IVG a turn (275ish fps). I set the regulator using air and the original bottom fitting (about 300 psi). I then set the velocity by running an adapter and hose to the spyder ASA from a bulk CO2 tank. I cocked it from the back block (no pump arm). Then I ran it on 12 grams. It runs right at 30 shots from dry to low velocity. I thought the bucket changer in the handle might be difficult, but I had no problems with it (I'm not very practiced with it either). Since I started putting loctite on it, I figured it must be time to post it up. I've even cleaned the packing tape mess off.

You could do this a few other ways. The frame was the big expense, not counting the cutting of the adapters. The trilogy reg makes that easy with all of its 20 tpi threads. As bad as my adapter was and the body work, the static seals all turned out fine. It's ready for play testing! I'm actually looking forward to playing with a 12g marker for once.


I ran it in the TxPPG for 20 12gs, and it ran great. I had some 30 round APP pods that I put in my pockets with some 12gs. Every time I loaded up, I changed the 12g. I ran dry a couple of times, like when Magoo and company were chasing me, but I got it back up in time. Worked out great for play. It was a lot warmer and dryer than we expected, so it was nice to be carrying such a dinky package.


I need to put some notes on the frame down here. My local field owner told me that a regular slider frame wouldn't fit on a trilogy. I had to cut some new frame screws to the right length. I trimmed the head on the valve retention screw so that it sat flush in the body and didn't interfere with the frame. I also trimmed about 1/8" of the cocking lug threads off of the lower end (making the "lug" side longer), so that the lug could be screwed down lower into the hammer and through the trilogy body to catch the slider sear. I'll get pics when pull it apart for ano.


Doh! Well here is the adapter o-ring. The o-ring "space" is from a 5/8" drill bit.

Made a high flow poppet and a lighter spring. It let me back off the IVG some more, but I haven't been able to check the efficiency.
*** I set the regulator back to about 250psi from 300psi. The velocity didn't change, so I must be on the lower side of the sweet spot. I probably won't mess with it anymore. ***

Here's the bit of ano I did. Just enough to keep it from corroding or galling the threads.

Back together with the barrel I used for TxPPG. Love the cocker threads with 12gs!

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