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4 Pumps, Lookin to trade for CCM

Im downsizing/upgrading

figure I'll take the value loss, but upgrade!

I would like to 2/3/4 for 1 trade for a CCM (not a ccm'd gun, but a CCM)

1st up

Gloss Black ANS GX5
-SSC Midblock
-Iron Cross Pin
-CCM Thick 45
-CP Reg
-Check-it on/off ASA
-Carter Pump Kit
-Clamping Feedneck
Sale Price: $350

2nd up

SSC Wildberry Trilly
-Cage Milled Body
-Dual CP Detents
-CCM Threaded Feedneck
-WGP Hinge Frame with custom trigger
-Custom Gas Through Grip
-WGP Pump Kit
Sale Price: $215

3rd up

2k4 Prostock
-Slider Frame
-Sanchez Pump Kit
-WGP Ergo Reg
-WGP Drop
-WGP on/off ASA
Sale Price: $130

4th up

Pre2k Right Feed
-Mini'd to 2k+ Specs
-SSC Mini Pump Arm
-Turned down WGP Ergo Reg
-WGP Drop
-WGP on/off ASA
-Elbow is included
Sale Price: $115

I would love to get some trades and do a 2/3/4 for 1
I can swap pump kits around for serious buyers
I will chrono all guns tomorrow at practice


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