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I' m probably gonna get beat up for this post but I was in the same situation about a year ago. I decided to get back into paintball and realized how much everything has changed. The electro markers are pretty easy to maintain and all seem pretty much the same to me. I started scouring the sale threads on this site and picked up a used "garbage" DP Fusion FX for a fraction of the cost of a new marker. Changed an o-ring, and two macro line fittings and now it shoots as nice as anything else on the field. I'm not to worried about warranties and cs due to the fact the marker is used and it will be too simple to repair if something goes wrong. Just my two cents, good luck on your search.
*** Looking for a Cocker threaded Ion breech ***

DP Fusion FX with a Prophecy loader, 70ci Worr Gas, CP drop forward, Dye ASA, TechT bolt and Ram.

Project Ion for my Daughter is finished thanks to all the parts I found on this forum. Thanks Everyone!

Currently working on an .68 Automag and an Autococker.
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