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off from work, time to start replying:

yes it's my video, i'm steven crawford aka futuresteve aka automcfix

cottontail, i'm glad you like the meat humor. i like jokes, look forward to more silly captions next vid in 2 to 3 weeks. next game is this saturday.

keebler, haha yes you can hit people with a foam sword. my field, my game, my rules. outlawball baby.
i love zao, blood and fire bring rest album is the teets.
i don't hate larpers but i hate roleplaying, it is very very embarrassing and awkward from what i can tell.
oh yeah i don't take it seriously at all, in fact i know it's stupid. it's also fun as crap, you can beat shield bashing your coworker with a boogie board with a rope handle.
yeah i would love to have some of the sweet nerf weapons. my home made weapons are about 2 bucks each or less.

lohman, i like what you did there. ownt.

melvin, a good post sir. just for you i will have a wizard guest star in my next montage, LIGHTNING BOLT!
i agree, the small maze is fun but small. saturday we are playing in open woods over many acres so it should be good.
i really like your spear tip. i'll check out your idea, i think i have a can of "great stuff" in the basement. at the end of the day they work and were 2 bucks to make.
your right about goggles. that is where most of my money went. i own 17 paintball masks lol. no one but me and chetman had really played paintball before this haha, what a weird first time experience i'm sure!

hawkeye, i like the reference haha. in anchient combat pistols and long guns were often used along side archers. look up matchlock, flintlock, and muzzle loaders. i am saving of for a Airow Gun paintball bow, it's perfect for my game: War With Friends.

casper, i'm glad you like it!
yeah it would never work at a standard field. it's for a special crowd.

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