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Well, in this case it's more the 'style' than the function. I was plumbing up an old Angel AIR to an even older Angel LED, and the LED's came from the factory fitted with 4mm "microline" fittings. I'm not trying a "restoration" or anything, it's just a matter of style. (That and I still have some 50 feet of 4mm tubing... )

And, just for the sake of the argument, "microline" isn't any kind of official name. Paintballers just started calling it that because it was significantly smaller than the previously-used braided steel lines.

After a few years, players started thinking that little hose was "restrictive", so everybody stepped up from the 5/32" line to the 1/4". And, of course, since the little stuff was microline, the bigger stuff was called macroline.

As far as restrictiveness goes, it's really not. In most cases your inline reg becomes a restriction long before the tubing does. As an example, remember the Automag RT? Remember that stainless line going down the side? That was about the same ID, and the RT could supposedly hit 24 BPS.

Anyway, Benoit, thanks for the reminder on Airsoldier- I'd forgotten about HB. I guess I've taken to thinking of him as just "the solenoid guy".

Zapf, email sent. I have plenty of line, I just ran out of fittings.

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