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SAPL event #1, Nov 3 Rampage City indoor, Calgary,AB

Posting this info for the newly formed Southern Alberta Pump League.

Rampage City, Indoor, will be hosting the first Southern Alberta Pump League event.
Teams of 3, (with a maximum 4 person roster) will compete against upto 9 other teams using their favorite pump markers.

Entry per team $320
This includes:
Tournament fees
3 cases of paint
8 entries into the series prize (check thesapl for full series prize info)

Registration deadline is October 26, including payment.
Register your team via email, to the email at the bottom of this post.
Payment may be made to the event organizer Cam Turnbull (Cash only) or at rampage city indoor.

Rule Changes:
Electric hoppers are permitted, without the accompaniment of an auto trigger.
Auto triggers are permitted, without the accompaniment of an electric hopper.
This will still allow for fast paced action, without the feeling of playing speedball.
Double barrel pumps are still permitted, but may not have electric hoppers or auto triggers.
Stock class markers are not recommended, but are permitted. Co2 capsules must be retrieved after every round.
Mag fed markers are not permitted, unless they use pump action for every shot.

For more info/payment contact:
Cam Turnbull (sapl organizer )
Southern alberta pump league

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