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Ok, I finally managed to get a video of me on the field with the F/A. Unfortunately, I set the GoPro up pointing a little bit downward. Fortunately, that mistake lead to a great diagnostic shot of some feeding issue I was having.

It seems like the loaded was getting a little bit stuck and wouldn't fully load paint into the breach. You can see it in the first clip of the video. It gets stuck several times in both semi- and full-auto. Oddly, the F/A doesn't always crush the half loaded ball; instead the valve train just stops ON the ball and needs to be reset. While not as bad a break, its still really annoying and frustrating to have my unicorn gun so close to being fully operational.

Anyone have any ideas? I took the loader apart and inspected everything inside it. It all seemed pretty normal, no parts out of place nor anything obviously broken, with the exception of the spring being a little bit bent around the center shaft. I tried to get a good picture of it, but this was the best I could manage;

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