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Problems i have with myself and paintball...

Im looking for help mainly, this is just the convayance of thoughts...

I have only played paintball 6 times in the span of 4 years, if been offered a spot on a team, but havent taken it yet.

I find myself not really enjoying the sport as one should ( from my understanding. )

Ive had 37 different markers and havent found really any joy in owning any, infact, it makes me more depressed then anything else. Every once in a while i sell all my markers or trade them and try to get a new marker, but i usually trade them all for older markers. I like older markers better because i belive newer markers are just to darn mainstream and i feel like i get put into a "class" with a new marker. And when i get old markers, they either work fine or never work at all, and when i have a working marker, it usually leaves my hands not working. I really want to just get one marker but at the same time, i would be bored with it in two days...

When i play i enjoy playing, but when i do, im always plauged with working on my marker once or twice or having to purchase a rental.

What is wrong with me?

Should i find another hobby?
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