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Originally Posted by Nobody View Post
if you wanted a mech, there are plenty of Mags and cockers out there, if spyders and tippmanns are your thing. what more can you want for a mech?
Let's see. I want a mech that is currently produced. That means both Mags and Autocockers are effectively out. I don't want to spend a fortune, so PPS is out. I want a compact, centerfeed, non-MILSIM gun, so Tippmann and most inline blowbacks are out. Same with Tiberius. I don't want a stacked tube blowback, so Spyders and all variations thereof are out.

What's left?

Yeah, Cockers and Mags are great. But they not readily available to most players and are legacy supported only. This has the potential to offer players a consistent gun at a great price. There is nothing wrong with that.

SP is no longer an evil empire. They are basically an insignificant force in paintball. They were destroyed. Say what you will about the people running GOG, but at least they are putting out a marker that, in my opinion, the market sorely needs. Which is why I have already put my money on the table for this.

But I'm just a fool.
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