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Old Wintec nelson for sale!

Okay, I have this old Wintec here that I'd like to let go of. I believe it's a Thunderbolt, from what I could gather off of VintageRex.

I rescued this one from EMR as a body and half of a frame, and built it up to be a sweet little shooter. Slide trigger is really nice, but it is missing the safety. It looks beat to hell, but it shoots fantastic with larger paint! It is a fixed bore, but I have had good luck with it using Valken Redemption and Marballizers with it. It also has a full set of lapco adjustable internals inside, which caught me by surprise as I was cleaning it.

Here's a picture of the guts.

Let's go with $75 shipped to US & Canada OBO. I'm not too sure on the value of these, but I need to see it go. Please, no trades.

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