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Originally Posted by Titus View Post
Well, cancel the two refs since we don't really need them. I mean this with all due respect, but they did more harm than good. Allowing walk ons on the field, not following up on all of the paint checks, etc.

I hope it will work itself out, but $25 is pretty fair considering some are driving 2+ hours to get there. Anymore than that and I think people will be turned off by it.
The field has to have refs on the field per insurance stipulations so that's non-negotiable. The main reason I want two refs on the field (with radios) is for two reasons - starting/stopping the games, and for safety (calling for help/assisting in case someone gets hurt). Other than that, hopefully they won't get in the way.

And yes, I'm hoping Strategy will be on board with $25 per player - which is still a pretty good deal for camping, and BYOP.
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