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Originally Posted by dukie View Post
Thanks PR!

Ion style body type is fine with me, just wanting to know the basics of what to expect. i dont have a problem with black lowers. i may just order black. i have a thing for black markers lol.

I thought they had a couple of diff threads. i have a freaked imp barrel somewhere that can be used,

Ill whack out my own lever to make it a lever lock if needs be, it would just be a nice to have.

Same goes for the asa, but ill put that on my list to scrounge for easy install/removal for my son.

Good to know about maintenance, i dont think i have even held an ion before lol.

Last question for tonight: antichop??? hopefully there is something in there to accomplish the basic purpose.
The marker is more like an eNVy than a Ion.

The SFT shocker had SFT threads, every marker since than has been Impulse/Ion Threaded.

The feedneck is going to be like the G-1/eNVy.

The asa will be like the eNVy.

From what I have been told, it's going to be really hard to chop a ball with how the internals are set up. More to come with it when all the info is released.

The gun will be able to be upgraded later on to an eNVy, so it can grow with your son to make it an electro. Add a Blackheart board and you're good to go.

Obviously, we'd appreciate if you bought one from us!
Buy from me, I ship before anyone else!
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