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Thanks for the feedback guys. I am in agreement with all that has been said. If we can work out an agreeable deal with Strategy, then we will only play the better fields there. I, for one, could pass on the two fields we played on Sunday, unless the layout changed somehow.

Yoda brings up a great point about doing a better job getting the games moving along. The refs were indeed just along for the ride, and were letting us set the pace.

In order to get in as many games as possible we (I) definitely need to take the lead in getting things going. So, for future games we will have a specific start time for the first game in the AM. If anyone isn't ready, then they'll have to sit out till the start of the next game. Walking on to a game already in progress won't be permitted.

Everyone will need to carry enough paint and CO2s with them to last however many games we'll be playing on each field. We lost a lot of time waiting for players to go back to their cars and reload in between games.

All games will have a time limit - probably 30 minutes. We'll also have a set amount of time for lunch. Normally we get in 8 to 10 games in a day. Sticking to time limits and making sure everyone is ready to go should maximize our day of fun. After all, we're all there to play paintball, and a lot of us drive long distances to get there. It's only fair that we respect each others time (and money), and try to get in as many games as possible.
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