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HPA 12g...

I was on a flight from ATL to DTW and was thinking about paintball to keep my mind off of all the hundreds of systems that could fail on the 757-200 I was trapped in, and I had a thought. How big of a HPA tank would I need to replace a 12g? I dunno WHY, it just entered into my mind.

As far as I have been able to figure, a 12g CO2 capsule is about the same as a 1.21/4500 or 1.82/3000 HPA tank. I did the math because it was kinda fun (and may be wrong...). But then I started thinking - "So what? Why would you want such a thing?"

Well - it would be handy for testing the relative efficiency of various markers. Even those who dislike co2 or testing can take place on non-standard days. It would serve as a nice efficiency benchmark that is a bit more "same" than 12g's which tend to vary from unit to unit.

Also, if someone makes them, there will be those who want them.

It would be a re-fillable 12g - so the first one could be expensive, but could pay for itself after a few years of play.

I figure the internal volume would be about an inch, and the internal length would be about 2" for a 4500 psi "tanklet". They would all include the standard HPA regulator/ASA adapter.

Sadly, it won't fit a PGP or Desert Duck or any other gun that holds the 12g in the grip...

Anyway - just a weird though.
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