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Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post

Oh, and John, that thing would break your wrist.
So can a pistol gripped short babrrel shotgun if you don't know what you're doing.

Originally Posted by Sfy03 View Post
Precisely...found a lawyer back in FL that would set up a trust for $300 -- and was WELL versed in setting up trusts for the Class 3 guys.

I've been looking for a DIRT CHEAP lower to pickup..want to do an AR build in the near future - just need to find a really cheap lower. Want to do a "economy build" yet with really reliable parts!
Go with PSA. A year or so ago i'd have recommended Spikes Tactical since they're local to CFL, but their CS is **** and considering they have tactical in their name they completely lack tact when it comes to their professionalism in dealing with others. Josh knows what I'm talking about here.

Originally Posted by Lead-Foot View Post
Haven't planned on it unless you're in town and want to hang out. But I don't even know which day it is. The 13 and 14 ill be doing a BMW Rally in central Florida and a car club event at Daytona international speedway. Then the 22 is my wife's birthday.
Unfortunatly I won't be but we're planning to come down for a week at the beginning of Dec. It's pretty much dependent on us getting into a bigger vehicle though. We're working on it but the bank is playing games.
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