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the trend of cheap paint and cheap markers capable of insane rates of fire is what has fueled the stagnation of our sport. For example if you look on the used market an ion with some upgrades can be had for $90-100 or so. Even with the stock board it's capable of 17bps now add on a basic tank and a half decent loader and you've got a setup that will empty a hopper in 11 seconds or so for <$300. Or if you look at buying new a DP G4 is around $250, a halo too is around $70 and a basic tank is $50 so you're still under $400 to get in (excluding mask but I'm assuming people buying these setups are moving up from something else and have a mask already). When you couple that with cheap paint,sometimes as little as $60 a case even up here in Canada, what you get is a mouthy kid who think's he's all that with the firepower to bully new players.

Now I understand of course why fields just give in to players like this since every ball out the barrel is between 4 and 8 cents in their pockets. With that said i have seen a marked shift away from the style of play that lends itself to this type of firepower at least in my area. Only 1 field has airball around here and it's a Saturday BYOP thing so it's not a bad thing in that anyone that wants to sling paint like a madman can do that while being separated from John Q weekend warrior who likes to use his A5 or 98 and just have a good time without the competitive mindset.

To be fair though I've played a lot of airball in my day and it's my favorite style of play with that said I'm on the organizing committee for a couple groups who would like to do pump airball in various formats and I'll admit playing airball with all pump guys scares the daylights out of me as the guys with pumps especially if we play a limited paint format do NOT miss more than once this is especially true for SC airball which is a ton of fun.
I'm an advocate for low volume recreational play as many know. I also hang out in the field owners section at PBN quite a bit (the largest gathering for field owners anywhere) but I think it's a shame that so many fields are deciding it's necessary to abandon airball fields and catering to tournament play. I understand why they do it, but I just wish tournament paintball could have seen the light and realized they need to create something that was more sustainable. The writing on the wall is pretty obvious when field owners are shutting down their airball fields. What will be interesting is to see how these owners will handle the high ROF, high volume paintball usage on recreational fields when there are no tournament fields to play on. I have a feeling they won't handle it very well and more and more fields will be shutting down altogether. I hope I'm wrong.
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