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Originally Posted by newmaticarsenal View Post
I don't own one. However, since the 3 holes are all in a line and this appears to be machined, not cast; the following stands to reason.
The top hole should run to the oblong #010 hole.
The Second hole down should run to the #007 hole.
The bottom hole should be a vent/ exhaust.
Otherwise the passages would cut into each other when drilled.
That's what I was thinking. The only thing is that it's triangle shaped, which makes me believe the 2nd hole is to the #010 (w/an offset hole under the brass filter) and the 1st hole is to the #007 O-ring.

the manifolds are pretty cheap, might just pick one up to see what goes where.

Related, anyone know of a 3 way that can handle ~300 psi?
The SMAV only does 100, but etha's operate at 200-300 psi so that's a problem.
cocker 3-way could work, but would need a 2 way to activate it, where as the SMAV has that built in.
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